Established in 2011, but with over 40 years experience in the lighting industry, LUMAXLED are an innovative company dedicated to professional commercial luminaires and LED downlights with a strong emphasis on design. We incorporate the latest LED technologies into our products, maximising energy for the end user whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Our aim is to produce cost effective energy saving products whilst not compromising on style or quality. All our products have been extensively tested and have worldwide accreditation and come with three years and five years warranty as standard. We only use quality branded components sourced from reliable suppliers.


  • Thanks to the lighting from Lumaxled, we are not only saving money but our salon lighting has a more natural glow and this helps particularly when colouring our clients hair. Thank you Lumaxled!
    Lisa Cabral
    Headmasters Salon
  • I am very happy with the reduction in electricity costs since changing out all of our fluorescent lights to LEDs from Lumaxled. Additionally, the quality of the lighting is excellent.
    Peter Chandler
    Hanschell Inniss Limited
  • Overall I am impressed by these lights and would recommend them to others. I am also pleased to find such a quality product being manufactured. I have since returned the fixture and had the opportunity to speak to the CEO, who was quite enthusiastic about his products. He has even asked me to provide them with some more information on the light requirements for planted tanks to see what they could custom make. Fun times ahead. Thanks Lumax”
    Daniel Morris